A New Way to Advertise with YouTube Video Ads

How would you like to have TV Commercial style reach while not wasting funds on blasting your message out to people who may never buy your product or purchase your service?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads and other Pull Marketing or Lean Forward efforts are a great ways to insure that when folks are actively searching for a certain service they find your online marketing.  While it is still important to use TV, radio and other Push Marketing platforms to remind potential customers about your brand before they know they need you; the major downfall with many Push Marketing platforms is that the message may fall on an audience that may never need your service.

YouTube TrueView Instream Ads has a new platform that utilizes the benefits of both Push and Pull Marketing.  TrueView Instream Ads appear on YouTube and Google Partner’s networks as ads that play before other video content.  The beauty is these TV style video ads will appear to a customized targeted audience.  This platform uses very specific geographical criteria (Geo-Targeting).  The platform also targets internet users’ online habits, to allow the advertiser to only show ads to someone that fits the campaign’s intended demographic.

How much does a platform this intuitive and customizable cost? It costs as little as 1¢ per view!  If the viewer chooses to skip the ad you, the advertiser, gets charged nothing.  This equates to advertising on a network more popular than any cable network, to a precise demographic, at a very controllable cost.  You can set your daily, weekly and monthly budget, while avoiding paying for the wrong regions and uninterested people.  This will eliminate wasting funds being spent on the wrong audience.  If you’re still unsure here’s some more compelling information about this exciting advertising program…


Valuable Information:

  • 80{a86fb65c7f931e4d58d1a29ca9c8656ee3a0f1720ff570db52ba165110c5c4eb} of the YouTube Ad inventory goes unsold each day (dirt cheap rates, for now…)
  • 72{a86fb65c7f931e4d58d1a29ca9c8656ee3a0f1720ff570db52ba165110c5c4eb} of YouTube In-Stream are watched to Completion
  • According to Nielson, YouTube Reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any Cable Network
  • Over 6 Billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube

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