Big changes for Google, Big changes for business

It has been speculated that over 50{a86fb65c7f931e4d58d1a29ca9c8656ee3a0f1720ff570db52ba165110c5c4eb} of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device. Google is no stranger to innovation in the sense of recognizing and speculating change. They have ranked websites that are more optimized for mobile use for several years now due to the ever increasing rate of mobile device usage, but big changes to Google’s search algorithm are taking place that could drastically affect your website’s ranking, position, and traffic.

 Until now, websites which were only designed for desktop computer screens that are difficult to navigate on mobile devices would still show up based on traditional search results. Starting April 21st, if your website is not optimized for mobile use, it’s not going to make the cut. Changes to Google and its search results will now demote sites that do not fit criteria for mobile usage. So what does this mean?

 Well, Google does not want to serve up search results that fail to be user friendly, so sites that are not optimized for use on mobile devices or tablets will rank lower than those that are. If you do have a site which is “mobile friendly” however, Google will reward you with a new tag below your ad like the one below.

Responsive Websites Buffalo NY

The average smartphone user checks their phone on average, 150 times per day. A non mobile friendly site means less business and opportunities. This historical update toward ranking mobile-friendly websites higher among search results means having a site that is mobile-friendly site is more important than ever before.

 If your site isn’t built or optimized for mobile use, your site’s ranking and position will be below those sites which are. This means less traffic, less business. Feel free to contact Bean Media Production for more information on how we can optimize your site to become “mobile-friendly,” and avoid losing out on crucial traffic.